Art-Zoo celebrates wonder and creativity through art and play. It brings animals and nature together in imaginative landscapes, inspiring curiosity and artistic expression. The Art-Zoo universe is an adventure to be embarked on by all ages.

Fond memories of visits to the zoo, children’s shows, and playtimes at animal-themed playgrounds in Singapore’s public housing estates inform the world of Art-Zoo. Using simple shapes and iconic patterns, these childhood fascinations are realised in the form of animal and plant silhouettes that represent the letters of the alphabet.

• ADC Awards 2019: Merit for Spatial Design
• Golden Pin Design Award 2018
• Creative Circle Awards 2018: Silver for Environment and Experience Design
• Creative Circle Awards 2017: Best of Show & Gold for Exhibition Design
• Golden Pin Design Award 2017
• Marketing Event Awards 2017: Gold for Best Event – PR/Guerilla Marketing Stunt

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park is the largest animal- and art-themed inflatable playground in the world. It is a multi-sensory experience that brings to life the imaginative landscapes of Art-Zoo, inviting visitors of all ages to bounce along with its inhabitants. Since its launch in Singapore in 2017, nine editions of Art-Zoo Inflatable Park have been presented across four countries.

Tour Record
• China: Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen & Xiamen
• Singapore
• Taiwan: Kaohsiung
• United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi


Art-Zoo Creator

The original concept and characters of Art-Zoo are created by Singaporean artist, designer and curator Jackson Tan, and designed together with the team at his creative studio BLACK.

Jackson Tan is a Singaporean artist, designer and curator. He is the creative director of BLACK, a multi-disciplinary creative agency and founding partner of PHUNK, a contemporary art collective. Notable projects include the brand concept and identity of SG50, to celebrate Singapore’s golden jubilee and CREATIVE©ITIES, an exhibition that map the creativity of Asia-Pacific.

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