“With the existence of tigers under threat from both poachers and deforestation, we wanted to use the tagline of BORN TO BE WILD as a key message on the graphics. The message works as a gentle reminder for us that the tiger should be free and thrive in its habitat, in the wild.”

ART-ZOO designed a set of illustrated merchandise for WWF-SG AR-mazing Tiger Trail 2022.
Using the tiger as a key indicator, with three key pillars of Sustainability, Biodiversity and Climate Change, WWF Singapore hopes to educate the community and raise awareness on biodiversity in Singapore and the region. WWF follows rigorous social and environmental standards, treating people and the Earth with the deepest respect. All of WWF’s products are certified which means they all meet the world’s highest standards of sustainability.

Special thanks to @temenggongsg for curating the project.


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