In conjunction with the 2021 edition of the Go Grandriders project, ART-ZOO teamed up with the Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation and Bulao 125 to launch the Dream Garage. Run by a colourful crew of ART-ZOO characters called the Dream Team, the Garage was a space for dreams to be built, and was inspired by the Grandriders’ belief that dreams never get old.

The Go Grandriders project is an annual event where a group of elder Grandriders fulfil their dreams of travelling around the island of Taiwan by motorcycle. To prepare the Grandriders for their journey, the Dream Team and a group of student volunteers worked with them to create customised Dream Crests for their helmets. These Crests represent the hopes and dreams of the Grandriders, and helped to motivate them along their 10-day road trip.

Visitors to the Dream Garage were invited to view the helmets and Dream Crests of the Grandriders, as well as helmets designed by 10 Taiwanese artists and 5 ART-ZOO characters. They also got to create their personal Dream Crests and add them to the Dream Wall. T-shirts designed by ART-ZOO also went on sale, with proceeds going to the Go Grandriders Charity Project.


How To Get There

Bulao 125
No. 125, Section 1, Shuangshi Road, North District,
Taichung 404 Taiwan

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