Inflatable Park

ART-ZOO Inflatable Park is the largest animal and art-themed inflatable playground in the world.

It is a multi-sensory experience that brings to life the imaginative landscapes of ART-ZOO, and where our friends of all ages can bounce along with the inhabitants of ART-ZOO.

ART-ZOO Inflatable Park 2018, Marina Bay, Singapore



01. A-Z Edition

The first edition of the Inflatable Park showcased the world of ART-ZOO through the alphabets from A to Z. Featuring 11 unique installations, visitors enjoyed a variety of activities such as exploring the iconic Giraffe’s Maze, jumping in Spider’s Bouncy Web, and enjoying the calming garden at the Flowers installation.

02. Magical Rainbow Edition

Following up from A–Z, the second edition explored the magical colours of the ART-ZOO world. It comprised 15 brand new installations, including a towering Unicorn’s Magical Rainbow slide in the centre, surrounded by other colour-themed installations such as the Green River, Yellow Woods, and Purple Meadow.

World Tour

Since its launch in Singapore in 2017,
nine ART-ZOO Inflatable Park events have been presented across four countries.

We have visited:

China: Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen & Xiamen
Taiwan: Kaohsiung
United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi


Inflatables Sculpture
You Can Jump On

  • Interactive art installations
  • Visually delightful and playable
  • Effective drainage for comfort and safety

Unique Habitat

  • Showcase the wonders of nature
  • Invite visitors to explore various terrains

Simple Shape &
Colourful Palettes

  • Landscapes inspired by simple shapes and iconic patterns
  • Different colour palettes for each inflatable
  • A uniquely recognisable ART-ZOO world


Memorable Experiences

  • Holistic experience for everyone
  • Combines music, lights and themed merchandise

For Children of All Ages

  • Accommodates both kids and adults
  • Visitors can bounce around together regardless of ages

Play and Learn

  • Designed for visitors to learn while playing
  • Showcase both extinct and endangered animals
  • Discover alphabets and colours
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